The Endless DJ Lighting Debate

When it comes to the age old question of what is the hardest part of being a DJ? – Is it the spinning of the discs or is it getting the right DJ lighting that will help get your guests in the mood? Well let’s first take a look at the DJs who specialize in one particular field for example a wedding DJ versus a night club DJ and see what they think.

So basically what I’m getting at here in selecting the weddings DJ versus the night club DJ is that the aforementioned is effectively a mobile DJ. Mobile DJs will often require a mobile DJ package lighting rig that they can take along to the gig, the wedding in this case. This is usually nine times of out ten not the case for the nightclub DJ that will usually be ready equipped with their stage lights already. So therefore the mobile DJ will have to learn a fair amount about stage lighting to compliment his deejaying skills.

The best Lights to get for a DJ - Packages

To achieve a really good selection of lights and effects for your DJ gig takes some practice, knowledge and skill. Or you could just buy a modern day LED / moonflowers / scanners / LED effects package lighting rig and make your life a whole lot easier right? Correct! That’s exactly what you should be doing. The modern day systems are so well designed to help you achieve your DJ lighting dreams that you will be left breathless when you see what’s available right now. There are many guides out there as to which is the best beginner dj equipment today on the market today that we thought we would link to one that we believe is the most comprehensive.